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Soft Sleeper Berth / Ticket on Tibet Train

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On the long-distance overnight train, there are two kinds of sleeper berth. One is first class - soft sleeper berth and another is second class - hard sleeper berth. Soft sleeper is the main class on most Z-series express trains in China. They are more expensive than hard sleepers but are generally more comfortable.

We highly recommend soft sleeper ticket for the long-distance journey on Beijing to Lhasa train or family tour with children or groups of friends.

Soft Sleeper Carriage


What is Soft Sleeper of Tibet Train?

Soft Sleepers are very common on overnight trains. They are in the private compartment with lockable doors. In most cases, a Tibet train has 2 soft sleeper carriages and in total 64 soft sleeper berths. Each soft sleeper compartment has 4 berths, a small table, ladders, luggage closet, TV screen, oxygen supply and a lockable door.

The soft sleeper berth is 75cm width and 190cm length and can bear a weight around 300kg. On the berth, there are soft bedding sets including a mattress, a sheet, a quilt, a pillow, and other bedroom decorative accessories.

The headroom of upper berth is about 80cm height but that of lower berth can up to 90cm.

Where can I Put My Luggage or Goods?

There is a small table between the two lower berths. Passengers can put small goods such as boxed food, bottler water, fruit on it. Under the table, there is more space to put your small trunk.

On the Tibet train, there is also no problem to bring a big trunk. You can put it under the lower sleeper or in the luggage closet above the door. The space under the lower sleeper is 190cm length, about 30cm height and 75cm width, while the luggage closet is 50cm width and 40cm height. For convenience, you can put your luggage underneath the lower soft sleeper berth.

What are there in the Soft Sleeper Carriage?

In the soft sleeper carriage, there are 32 compartments, an attendant room, two toilets (one squat toilet and one western toilet) and two washstands near to toilets.

On the other side of the compartments, there are several foldable seats on the wall for passengers to sit and sea the scenery out of train windows.

Near to the attendant room, there is a hot water dispenser which can supply free boiled water for 24 hours a day.

You can also find oxygen supply outlet on the wall. When the train arrives at Golmud, the train will release oxygen into the air via the dispersion type oxygen or passenger can inhale oxygen from oxygen supply outlet.

Soft Sleeper Washstands


How to Book Soft Sleeper Ticket of Tibet Train?

For Tibet train ticket, you can go to ticket window of ticket hall on your own to book ticket from the conductor. You can ask the conductor to help you choose your preferred sleepers (hard or soft sleeper, berth position) in the system if they are available. Your original passport and Tibet Travel Permit copy are required.

If it is not convenient for you to purchase train ticket directly, you can also provide your passport copy to us, and we can book the train ticket for you via ticket agency who can help you choose your preferred sleepers (hard or soft sleeper), but can not choose berth position (upper, middle or lower).

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