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Top 6 Tibet Travel FAQs in January and February

20 January 2022 last updated at 19:20 0 Comments

Because of Tibet location on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the cold weather in winter, January and February are always regarded as the low season of Tibet tourism. But winter is a great time to experience Tibetan culture and local customs. In the tour cost aspect, you can enjoy considerable discounts. You can here read the top 6 Tibet travel FAQs in winter.

1. Does it snow in Tibet in Jan. and Feb.? And where can enjoy snow?

Seeing the snowing in Tibet is based on where you visit. You can see snow in Lhasa in winter, but normally it is only a thin layer of snow and hardly covers the ground. In some years the snow may be heavier. However, in most parts of central and western Tibet, January and February are ideal seasons for snow.

Snowing at Yamdrok Lake in winterSnowing at Yamdrok Lake in winter

2. How about is the road condition in Jan. and Feb.? Will the road be frozen?

Many Tibetan roads in winter are still snow free and not frozen, especially around Lhasa and Shigatse. Due to better road conditions across the plateau, you can still drive all the way to EBC without being trapped by snow.

However, some higher routes may be blocked by snowfall, such as the road to Mount Kailash and Namtso Lake.

Tibetan Road in WinterTibetan Road in Winter

3. Is it too cold to visit Tibet in winter? And what to pack?

Lhasa and Shigatse are normally sunny in the daytime, with temperatures above freezing. Lhasa’s temperatures can reach up to 7-8 degrees, while 6-8 degrees is normal in Shigatse. In night, it will reach below 0 degree. Because you will stay in hotel room with heating, air conditioner and electric blanket, you will not feel cold at night.

You should bring warm clothing to keep warm. Down jacket or fleece storm suit is a must, and you will need to have warm hats and gloves, as well as thick socks and long underwear.

4. Will Tibetan hotels provide heating in winter?

In Lhasa, Shigatse, Nyingchi and other larger towns in Tibet, there are heating or air conditioner in the hotel rooms. Almost all hotels provide electric blankets. Monastery and tent guesthouses, such as at EBC, often have no heating to keep you warm at night, but offer electric blankets.

Tibetan Hotel RoomTibetan Hotel Room

5. Can foreign travelers celebrate Tibetan New Year Festival with local family?

If you want to visit a local Tibetan family to celebrate New Year during your Tibet tour with us, we can arrange it in Lhasa in advance. Besides visiting the main tourist sites, you can spend the New Year with a local family, eat traditional Tibetan food, join in the dancing and singing, and take part in the ceremonies in Tibet.

Chema Box to Celebrate New yearTibet New Year Celebration

6. Can I visit Mount Everest, Namtso Lake, and Mount Kailash in winter?

In the past winters, it is possible to travel to Mount Everest, but it is too cold and too snow-bound to travel safely to Mount Kailash and Namtso Lake. Therefore, we advise you to arrange your Tibet winter tour only in Lhasa and Shigatse. We highly recommend the 8 Days Lhasa to EBC Small Group Tour.

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